Why Date a Military Man?

Face it, the uniform and the body seem to have great appeal to the ladies. But there’s more.  The journey in dating a military man is more exciting than dating a “normal” guy.  So, why date a military man?

  • Military men are loyal.

They devote themselves to a calling that requires a certain level of selflessness.  Such showcases his loyalty.  If he can be loyal to his vocation, how much more to the one who owns his heart.

  • They care about things that have greater importance.

Some military men may not have finished school but this did not limit them to be aware of the present situation.  In fact, most of them joined the service because they know what is going on not only in their country but also in other parts of the globe.  They are focused on how to make this world a better place for all people and, most especially, for their loved ones.

  • They know how to value time with their loved ones.

Because they are not around most of the time, they know how to make every second count whenever they are with their family.  They like to enjoy and do simple things they missed while they were at work.  Times like this is rare for them, so they treasure every “catch up” minute.

  • Men in the military are straight-forward.

It’s always been the practice of some men and women to disappear if they want to break the relationship off.  With the demands of their job, military men have no time to play games like this.  If they are over you, they will be honest with you.

  • They will always be your hero.

This seems to be biological to military men.  As much as they can, they will defend you from whatever harm.

  • They are usually ready to take the next step.

Military men grow up faster than normal guys probably because of the circumstances that surround them.  They are interested in settling down earlier than them.  They want to come home from the battlefield knowing that someone is waiting for them.


Dating military men may be like riding a roller coaster.  Yet, think about it as an icing for your cake.


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